• Dr Lottie Miles

Sustaining Motivation for Home Workouts (Part B)

OK, so you've got started with your home workouts - well done! (see Part A if you need help getting started). Now lets look at how we can keep it going throughout lockdown and beyond...

1. Never miss twice

Missing a planned session once is OK, it happens, a habit isn’t broken by missing once.

But missing twice is not OK. If you're tempted to miss twice, you need to change something – have you been unrealistic with your programming? You should never dread workouts!

A nice little trick is to add a small item like a paper clip to a jar every time you workout. It becomes satisfying, even addictive to add to your jar, BUT if you miss twice, you have to empty the jar and start again!

2. Make workouts varied, fun and progressive

The key to motivation is to enjoy what you're doing. If you can’t bare to do burpees, don’t schedule burpees, or at least mix them in with something you do like.

Think outside the box – perhaps find something heavy (child/pet?) to carry up and down the stairs, do 5x10 reps of getting in and out the bath (water isn’t required!), or maybe time how quickly you can touch the furthest wall of every room in the house before returning to your cuppa in the kitchen (hopefully it's still hot!).

Whatever your workouts include, look for ways to GRADUALLY progress your exercises each week - a few more reps, a bit quicker or lift more weight.

3. Plan your exercise in training blocks

Divide your training into 'blocks' of around 3 to 6 week duration. Then consider setting yourself a specific focus for each training block - for example improving leg strength, or perhaps running endurance. Blocking you