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Finding Motivation For Home Workouts (Part A)

For many of us, lockdown means endless hours of free-time thinking about how you could/should be working out... but when it comes down to it, are you feeling a little flat?

I've got some ideas that might help!

This is Part A of my Tips for helping you discover your home workout mojo. These first 5 suggestions will help you get you fired up and moving...

1. Ease yourself in

You should have expectations of yourself, but don’t set the bar too high, especially to start with – it might feel easy to plough into massive sessions every day for the first week but this isn’t sustainable for the long term - start slow and find your rhythm of workout days vs rest days. There is so many people posting about training on social media right now - don't let that fool or pressurise you into going beyond your capabilities.

2. Make it part of your routine

A sturdy routine is critical to your success. Make a point of scheduling the exact time you will train and stick to it – then show some respect for your training by starting on time. You will find it easier if you are consistent with the time you train each day, and this will also ensure it fits in around the rest of your daily routine. If you are a morning person, consider working out earlier in the day, and for the night owls, leave it a bit later. Remember, never, ever be late to training!

3. Don’t wing it

Take just a few minutes to plan each session and WRITE IT DOWN. Be specific about where you will workout, what equipment you need, determine each exercise, sets and reps and even plan how much rest you will take between movements. If you struggle for inspiration have a Google, there are millions of free online programmes about at the moment. If you can, use a little white board to write your workout on so you can follow it and cross off or wipe out the exercises as you go.

4. Set yourself up to train

Focus on what you do, BEFORE you workout!

What gets you fired up and bustling about? A thumping good tune? A podcast or fitness video? Perhaps it's an image of yourself on the beach last summer? Find your motivator (or cue) and expose yourself to it in the minutes before training time - Get those earbuds in before you lace up your trainers.

5. And speaking of trainers, always put them on!

On days when motivation is lacking, take the pressure off yourself. You don't have to do an entire workout, but you should always put your trainers on! Sometimes that is enough to get you going.

These tips are aimed at getting you excited about starting your home workout routine (Part A). Next we have the big challenge of keeping it going on a longer term basis...

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