Kensi was my first dog, my beautiful fox red labrador.  She was the reason I picked up a camera and together we've learned so much about photography and of course doggy posing!


Then in November 2018, just two months after her 4th birthday, Kensi fell ill.  Within a week, she was gone.  After she had passed away, the vets found out she had developed an incredibly rare and incurable liver disease.

Kensi did so many incredible things in her short life.  She had two litters of absolutely beautiful puppies, she was incredibly gifted at agility (despite me being her handler), and she had the fastest rollover of any dog in the land!  Kensi's appreciation of food, all food was infamous and her desire to please me / earn treats was staggering.


She had friends all over the country, but Kensi was never happier than when she was chasing balls on our beach at home.  Her love of the sea was unrivalled and her talent for surfing and paddle boarding was a real crowd pleaser!

On walks I would often call Kensi over for a photo, and she'd sit there so patiently, her expression a little exasperated as I fiddled with my camera settings.  Finally I'd hit the shutter, chuck her a treat and she'd be off, chasing smells in the undergrowth, or skipping through the rolling waves.

Losing Kensi is without doubt the hardest thing I've ever gone through, but she has left me with so many amazing memories, taught me so many important lessons and made me a better person, dog owner and photographer. 


I miss her little face every day.

© Lottie Miles

Westward Ho!, Devon | | 

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